463rd Squadron
Commander Lt. Col. F.J. "Uncle Joe"
Schuck Replaced by Maj. C.S. Dresser

Below is a list of the crews and photos. We are still missing some names and we are sure there are some misspellings and typos. If you have corrections and additions, sent them to .

The pictures on this page are small but if you click on them you can see an enlargement in a new window. Be aware, these enlargements can take a few minutes to download on dialup connections.

B-29 "Slim 2" D.S. 39th BG 62nd BS
James Frey
Wayne Andrews
Mervyn Robinson
William Schreck
Herbert Very
Nicholas Livingston
Wigo Brandt
James Andrews
Andrew Harnaha
Charles Grey
William Hathaway
Jullan Rubin
James Harkins
Gordon Caswell, Replacement
Don Shirey, Replacement

B-29 "Miss Take" D.S. 330 BG 457th BS
John Dickenson
Earl Edge
Paul Hill
John Gormely
Bruce Abrams
Charles Vetter
Percival Hanson
Edwin Sloan
Loren Keen
Nathan Fein
James Harkins

1st of the group to land at Okinawa
Lt. Smarkola
Col. Schuck
Rest of crew unknown

B-29 Crew 3-17
Lewis Courson
Gerard Plante
George Pierce, removed from crew
Thomas Doyle
Arthur Kahnert
Dante Costa
Quentin Gaskin
Ira Cologrove
Robert Clement, removed from crew
Byron Cope
Jack Burch
Charles Miller
James Wharton, replacement
Albert Simmons, replacement

Lionel Booth
Rest of crew unknown

B-29 SN 44-84052
Formed Alamogordo From 382nd Group McCook, Nebraska
Milton Campbell, ac
Wilber Behling
George Gemeinhardt, radio
Ray Huff, cp
Joe Liberty, radar
Carl Jacobs, nav
Jack Trautman, fe
Jim Greenlee, sg
Mike Bender, sg
Warren Seekamp
Bob Clement, tg
Edmond Schmidt

Surplus Crew From 382nd Bomb Group
Donald Kelly, AC
Jack Crooke, Central Fire Control/Flight Engineer
Jack Lane, Right Gunner
Isaac Mayfield, Tail Gunner
Donald Scott, Radio Operator
Victor Bohne, Bombardier
Roy Warren, Copilot

B-29 "Too Late" SN 44-84040
Eskelle Garrison
Thomas Levine
Harold Parker
William Hunter
John Duncan
Michael Mascar
Howard Staley
Norman Strebel
Leonard Staley
Frank Sturgis
Richard Steinke
John Conlon
Donald Carner
Charles Horning
John Pilikian
Robert Warden
Curtis Johnson
William Fuller

William Stewart
Floyd Rodine
Richard Randall
Mahlon Kilgore
Arnold Niedens
Frank Brooks
George Van Zevern
William Light
Frederick Laveway
Rudolph Lebel
John Livelsberger

(Sorry, but this image is full size, no enlargement available)

B-29 "Cwazy Wabbitt"
D.S. Flew Combat
Raymond Hannah
John Hannon
David Rich
Ner Rankin
Edward Dunn
John Jackson
Woodrow First
Jack James
Paul Jenkins
Howard Jerome
Leonard Jacobson

B-29 "Pot Limit" SN 44-84062
Took Jeep To Okinawa in B-29
Robert Christenson
Vernon L. Dalbey
Woodrow First
Jack Such
McHoy Choy
Edmond Coulon
Samuel Spencer
Robert Alexander
Dennis Foster
Nick Sveda
Richard Studley
Alex Rodriguez
Ground Support
Joseph Dalera
Edward Zinski

B-29 "Shaft Absorber" later renamed "Lady in Waiting" SN 44-84068
Crew 3-7 Surplus Crew From 331st BG 356th BS McCook Neb. In the top two photos the names "Jim, Mark?, Dick, Herb" are painted on the side.
James Titsworth
Rex Moore
Richard Morgan
Charles Hambly
Herbert Kauffman
Carl Ojala
David Kellam
Harry Eastus
John Newby
Owen Maloney
Leon Mieczkowski

B-29 Crew 3-6
Gordon Caswell, AC
Orley Ferris, P
Robert Miles, N
Laddie Bartholomew,B
Donald Acrey, R
Claude Tucker,FE
David Alexander, Radio
Don Shirey, CFC
Edmund Berek, G
Roger Floyd, G
David Pierce, TG

B-29 SN 44-27319
Norman Cook
Richard Morgan
Boykin Hammond
Andrew Mellow
Alvin Bertrand
Thomas Toro
Charles Frick
Daniel Adorno
Donald Gerarde
Sheldon Smith
Jesse Enslen
Peter Mariluch

B-29 SN 44-84038
Marshall Case
Miles Moore
David Rich
Harry Fowler
Richard Randall
Alfred Barrett
Lawernce Lamberty
Allen Liles
William Thomas
Jack Creason
Henry Scalla
Charles Reeves
Robert Bruton

B-29 Surplus Crew From 382nd Bomb Group
Capt Garretson

B-29 "Willful Witch" D.S. 19th BG 30 BS
Roy Reeves
Charles Faust
Clarence Stout
Ralph Howe
James Cain
Stanley Dick
Edmund Papel
Paul Jenkins
Jack Karn
Anthony Zaranka

B-29 SN 44-84048
Lowell Fisher, ac
Lewis Owen, radio
Peter Davey
Cecil Tolleson
Roy Splawn
Fred Gibson
Robert Strasburg
John Ryan
Thurston Hughes
Martin Kelly
Robert Kolb
Charles Gibson
Robert Clapp

B-29 "Island Happy"
John Allen
Jimmy Lewis
Daniel Travsky
John Pilikian
Bob Arden
Robert Libby
Richard Swimm
Hubert Stevenson
Richard Studley
Jack Such

Thomas Brown
Sheldon Glasson
Lawrence Hale
Conrad Bloom
John Sizemore
Leonard Farmer
William Jopling
Jay Gapes
James Clark
Marvin Stephens
Adrian Chandler

Surplus Crew From the 382nd Bomb Group
Rest of crew unknown

Norman Ward
Rest of crew unknown

B-29 SN 44-84060
Flew Weather and Recon For A-Bomb
Charles D Pell
Lawrence Krall
John Larson
Art Unger
Bernard O`Leske
William Light
Paul Nordstrom
John Reuter
Arthur Girdis
Patrick Schauer
John Minesei
Patrick Hendrickson
Fred Coil
Robert Kensinger

William Ball
Wesley Whiteaker
Rest of crew unknown

Capt. Dreier
Rest of crew unknown

Tom Wallace
Garth Hatch
Robert Hall

John Lindgren
Rest of crew unknown

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