461st Squadron
Commander Maj. George Pfifer

Below is a list of the crews and photos of many of them. We are still missing some names and photos and we are sure there are some misspellings and typos. If you have corrections and additions, sent them to .

The pictures on this page are small but if you click on them you can see an enlargement in a new window. Be aware, these enlargements can take a few minutes to download on dialup connections.

B-29 "Shaft Absorber" later renamed "Lady in Waiting" SN 44-84068 probably started out with the 461st and was moved to the 463rd and assigned a different crew. Because they are dressed in such heavy clothes, the crew photo was probably taken in Pratt, KS, and appears to contain some of the men later in Ball's crew (above) in Okinawa.
Tom Smart
Jerome "Jerry" Goldwyn, waist gunner
John Piazza
Dick Kimball
John Parr
Winfield Mulkins

B-29 SN 44-83966 "Never Been Tried" AKA "RSM Dragon". There is some confusion over the name and crew of this plane. According to Frank Bradstock "Trip Ticket" was the plane's original name on right side of fuselage. He later painted "RSM Dragon" ("Our Ass Am Dragon") on it at Kadena. According to Jerry Goldwyn the plane's original name was "Never Been Tried" when it left Kansas, and its pilot was William Ball. It flew combat with the 314th Bomb Wing, 19th Bomb Group, 28th Squadron. After flying combat Goldwyn claims in his memoirs it was rechristened "Tried and Won."

Two variations of Lt. William Ball's Crew (above). This crew possible also flew B-29 SN 44-83970
William Ball
Jurald Willemssen
John Parr
Richard Kimball
Paul Haga
Winfield Mulkins
Alfonso Torres
Wesley Whiteaker
Thomas Smart
Thomas Joynt
John Piazza
Jerome "Jerry" Goldwyn, waist gunner
James Tabor, Ground Support
Raymond Chimielewski, Ground Support

B-29 SN 42-65287. To read about how Lt. Giacomo was forced to ditch this aircraft off the coast of Puerto Rico, click here.
Jim Giacomo, 2nd Lt., Pilot
James Barrett, 2nd Lt., Co-pilot
Joseph Linnane
William Langius
Edward Herrick, Master Sgt., Engineer
Donald Snyder
Robert Layton
Richard Fowler
Donald Gerade
David Garrett
Carl Gilmore

DS 314th Wing 29th BG 43rd Squadron Crew 440 Guam
Robert Arbree, AC
Thomas Finholm, B
William Lilieholm, N
George Panian, Radar
Garrett Smith, CP
Richard Kaufman, FE
Donald Deak, RG
Edwin Franzen, CFC
Kermit Griffin, LG
Harold Hoffman, Radio
William Waight, TG

B-29 "Sweet and Lovely" SN 44-84000
Robert Feuer
Ralph Tesch
Shorty Quinn
George Benesch
Luell Harris
Ed Fitz
Peter Donohue

B-29 SN 44-84010
Ken Schaper
James Joy
James Harland
Warren Hill
Gerard Deyerling
Felix Kacxmarek
Pierce Plankinton
Morris Letcher
John Blackstone
Howard Hardin
Edward Dudzik
Martin Kuriloft
Vernon Zaring (Spare Pilot)
Loyd Smith, Ground Support
Leland Holt, Ground Support
Allen Cartee, Ground Support
Raymond Fuerst, Ground Support

B-29 SN 44-83996 "Trip Ticket"
James Huckbay
George John
Albert O'Neil
Amos Houser
Howard Watrous
Francis Brown
Maurice Guiraud
Arlie Sherling
John Todd
Lester Wood
Mike Turchek
Vincent Vilardo

Richard A. Houston
Howard Watrous, Flight Engr.
Rod? Si, Radio Operator
Moorman, CFC
Harry Smith, Gunner
Andy Charney, Tail Gun
"Mac", Navigator
J? Driscol, Bombardier
? Allen, Radar Navigator
? Foley, Co Pilot

B-29 "Slave Girl"
Crew 1-19
Edward A. Schaedel
Ray L. Kappes
Harold V. McLain
Frank Bradstock
Joseph L. Daurelio
James Smith
John L. Todd
Everett "Buddy" D Walker
Joseph Maconi
Chester L. Dahlgren
Robert W. Lindauer

B-29 "Nipponese Nipper"
One of the detached service crews that flew combat out of Guam
William Thompson
Clyde Wright
Roy Petty
Ralph Campanella
Hubert Ward
Russell DeCola
Edwin Garmirian
Thomas Cotter
Jack Creason
Marvin "Bud" Corbin
Coyle, replacement`
Dvery, replacement`

B-29 Crew 1-7 "Tiny Fanny, just a little behind"
Surplus Crew from 331st BG 356th BS From McCook Neb
John Snodgrass replaced by Frank Foley
Oscar Elliott
Dexter Tucker
Richard Elchert
Arthur Breeddlove
John Leake
John Langston
Bert Averitt
Leonard Pyszosynski
Charles Edwards
Arthur Morris

B-29 Crew 1-5 Flew Combat 19th BG 93 BS
"Idiots Delight, City of Memphis"

Russell A. Verploegh
Erwin J. Ekeland
Orval Funk
Donald L. Paul
Donald W. Greenzweig
Thomas B. Greene
William H. Crawford
Paul F. Fago
Albert Glotzer
Chester R. Hamilton
Phil R. Sandidge

B-29 Crew 1-8 Surplus Crew From 331st BG 356th BS McCook Neb
Charles Lowdermilk
James Webb
Gerald Kehrli
Raymond Barthlow
Robert Branch
Donald Conner
Lester Buzzell
Layron Christensen
Arthur Miller
Carl Woodcock
Francis Smay

Thomas Dean Brown
Walter Primoszek
Dennis Gealer
L.B. Hale
John Joplin
John Sizemore
Leonard Farmer
Marvin Stevens
John Christ
Adrian Chandler

Pratt, AC
Archie Norganstein

Arnold, AC
Jerrold Godar, CFC

B-29 SN 44-27294
Clarence Marble
C.S. Hoeppner
Louis Foley
A.R. Treleaven
A.E. Sary
David Edwards
D.G. Bueg
Ray Yates
Neal O`Neill

Andrews AC
Glick FE
Hines Radio
Godar CFC
McIntyre LG
Hutchinson RG
Baker TG

Armen Sivaslian
Joseph Timpany
Albert Pleskus
Harold Doben
James Durbin
Owen Cook
Arthur Hastings
William Vance
William Dolan
Arnold Dorfmann
Edward Dudzik

B-29 SN 44-84030 "Oh Tree Oh"
Raymond Hannah
Cornelius Dresser
John Hannon
Gerald Keely
Albert Simmons
Walter Schlessman
Arthur Trost
Edward Dunn
Ralph Charles
John Jackson
Leonard Jacobson
Howard Jerome
Jack James

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